Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heraldry Instruction by the Laurentian Branch

The Society's Laurentian Branch is offering free heraldry courses to its members and friends at the Macdonald-Stewart Foundation, in the old Forget Mansion on Sherbrooke Street West.
The class meets every second Tuesday from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. in the Queen's Room. Participants with computers are sent seven free Google books on the subject of heraldry, and are encouraged to buy Steven Slater's book on heraldry as their primary textbook. Copies of The Heraldic Primer are used as well in the first two introductory lessons.

A heraldry class, L-R: Robert Frank, Regine Frank, Noel Nunes, Diana Wall, Claude Bourret, Jocelyne Benoit. Missing: Carola Morton and the instructor/photographer, Peter Hogan
The branch plans to offer both introductory and intermediate courses in the Spring and Autumn.
Participants in the courses may choose to take the Heraldry Proficiency exams at introductory and intermediate levels if they choose to; however, the courses are designed as an end in themselves. The exams are not free, but RHSC members get a 50% discount. The primary aim of giving these courses is to increase our members' knowledge of heraldry, and for our friends and branch members to appreciate heraldic history and the beauty of heraldic art. Space is limited. There is room for only eight participants in each course.

Interested readers may enquire by phoning 514.321.7475, or email: laurentian@heraldry.ca