Saturday, January 23, 2010

Appointment as Citizenship Judge

Last year was another momentous one for one Fellow of our Society, Robert Watt, L.V.O.

Mr Watt - now entitled Rideau Herald Emeritus since retiring from the position of Chief Herald of Canada - received a grant of supporters to augment his armorial achievement on 15 April 2009. They are monstrous creatures: two winged sea-cougars! His new bookplate (drawn by Niagara Herald Extraordinary, Gordon Macpherson, C.M) vividly depicts these Canadian chimeras.

Later that summer, Mr Watt was appointed by Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney as a citizenship judge for a three-year term. In his new position Mr Watt presides over citizenship ceremonies, at which he administers the Oath of Citizenship and speaks to new Canadians about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

Truly, 2009 was a distinguished year for Judge Watt, Rideau Herald Emiritus!

Further details at: News Release, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Canada Gazette,THE CANADIAN HERALDIC AUTHORITY — GRANTS, REGISTRATIONS AND CONFIRMATIONS