Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Rt. Hon. Beverly McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada as the Society's new Vice Patron

Credit: Andrew Balfour Photography, Supreme Court of Canada Collection
Earlier this year, the President, on behalf of the Society, sent a letter to the Chief Justice of Canada inviting her to consider the role as Vice Patron to our Society. In a letter received in late February, Madame McLachlin graciously accepted the invitation. Given that the Society had already scheduled a Board meeting on May 28th in Ottawa, the thought was to invite her and her husband, Mr. Frank McArdle as our guests at the formal dinner, planned on the evening of that day at the Rideau Club in Ottawa. Further correspondence with Madame McLachlin conveyed to us that she'd be happy to attend the dinner along with her husband. Adjustments were made to the arrangements of the dinner, organized by the Ottawa Valley Branch President, Mr. Blair K. Churchill, which in the end, was well received and was felt by all attending, an outstanding success. Towards the end of the evening, Madame McLachlin indicated that when the invitation for the Vice Patron arrived, she was "curious" about heraldry and the Society, at the end of the evening, she was definitely interested in heraldry and Society.

The guests at the dinner were treated to an informative and entertaining presentation by the Sagueny Herald, Dr. Forest Pass. This was followed with a proclamation of the Letters Patent by the Deputy Chief Herald, Bruce Patterson (in French) and Assiniboine Herald, Mr. Darrel Kennedy (in English). The proclamation was the first that Madame McLachlin had experienced, and thought it was a wonderful manner to present an individual's arms to the people.

Madame McLachlin is Canada's first woman to hold the position of Chief Justice of Canada. The Society looks forward to her future involvement with the Society. We are filled with gratitude and honour that she had accepted our invitation.