Friday, October 23, 2009

Heraldic Tabard for the Chief Herald of Canada

On May 4, 2009, Her Excellency the Governor General announced that a tabard, a traditional garment, would be created, to be worn on special occassions by the Chief Herald of Canada.

English heralds wearing tabards in a procession to St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle for the annual service of the Order of the garter in 2006
This announcement is the direct result of a decision of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, made through the execution of its board of directors, to cover the costs related to the creation of the tabard, up to an agreed amount.

The creation of a tabard for the Chief Herald is the fulfillment of a wish held by the officers of the Canadian Heraldic Authority, the members of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, and others in the heraldic community, ever since the creation of the CHA in 1988. Such a garment will add a sense of splendour and dignity to the official heraldic ceremonies, marking the importance of the Chief Herald's role in assigning and proclaiming heraldic emblems.

The design concept of the garment was also approved by the Governor General, and it will remain confidential until it has been unveiled. The design was created by the Chief Herald of Canada and Fraser Herald.

The President of the RHSC will receive periodic updates from the Chief Herald of Canada.

For those who wish to donate to the "Tabard Fund" of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, please email our Society's secretary, John B. Wilkes.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

43rd Annual General Meeting...

The 43rd Annual General Meeting of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada was held on the October 2-4th, 2009 weekend in Toronto. On this occassion, as Toronto was the host, the AGM was held in the historical St. George's Hall located in the university district of Toronto and home to the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto.

The map of the University of Toronto campus rendered by Alexander Scott Carter, located in Hart House, UofT.
Photo by David Steeves
The Friday afternoon had the Board of Directors and Executive who met for the last time of their mandate. Following the meeting, an informal dinner at the favoured Upper Canada styled Barberian's Steak House located across the street from the Arts and Letters Club. The Beley Lecture presented Dr. Clark, Professor of Sociology from the University of Western Ontario and provided an interesting paper on the creation, development and use of honours mostly throughout Europe from the 12th century through to the modern day "Order of Canada".

A group of AGM attendees in the Great Hall at Hart House, with the arms painted by Alexander Scott Carter in the background.
Saturday's AGM showed confidence in the members of the Executive, having David M. Cvet as President, Capt. David Rumball as 1st Vice-President, Mr. Carl Larsen as 2nd Vice-President and Treasurer Mr. Ian Steingaszner, all in their second term, except for Ian, who is in his third term.

A guided tour of Hart House and Soldier's Tower was made available to a number of attendees of the AGM. This was followed with a Gala Dinner and lecture back at the Great Hall of the Arts and Letters Club. The keynote speaker was Ms. Catherine Spence, who delivered a fascinating lecture and presentation on the works of Alexander Scott Carter.

The evening included the presentation of the Letters Patent, presented to Mr. Hawksridge and family by St. Laurent Herald, Mr. Bruce Patterson, and Assinoboine Herald, Mr. Darrel Kennedy.

For a complete report with photos, written by Toronto Branch President, David Steeves, click 43rd AGM in Review.