Monday, April 28, 2008

Official Opening of Armorial Bookplates Exhibit

Exhibit Catalogue available for $20
On a very pleasant, sunny and warm Saturday afternoon on April 26, 2008, between 4:30 - 5:30pm, almost 40 people were present to experience the official opening of the bookplate exhibit. The entire Society's Executive Committee was present, as well as other Board members and Society and Toronto Branch members, as well as Dr. Claire Boudreau, Canada's Chief Herald. The display of the bookplates were suspended on the glass enclosing the library immediately on one's left when entering the library, but visible in the foyer of the library, thus not disturbing the students reading within the library's glass walls. The display included glass cases on the floor, depicting relevant and colourful heraldic books and an interesting display depicting the "process" of creating a bookplate from line sketches to the final product.

Ilona Jurkiewicz, Gordon Macpherson, Dr. Claire Boudreau
The MC for the event was Society's member, Neil Fraser who introduced the John M. Kelly Library's Anna St. Onge, Interim Head, Special Collections, who was instrumental in helping setup the dislay. Ilonaj Jurkiewicz, SHA and Toronto Branch President and an heraldic artist as well, received accolades from all who were in attendance. Ilona also organized the publication of the exhibit's excellent bookplate exhibit catalog (depicted on the right). Gordon was happily signing a good number of the catalogs purchased by the attendess (catalogs - $20).

Click here to view Gordon Macpherson's biography distributed at the Official Opening (pdf format).

Further details of the opening and photographs can be view by clicking here.

For additional details and bookplate online presentation uploaded in 2004 of Gordon Macpherson's bookplates under the "ART OF HERALDRY" area of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada's website, click here.

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