Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Canadian Space Expedition Crest

OK, perhaps a contemporary usage of the word "crest" as opposed to the more traditional heraldic usage, regardless, such symbolism is the heart of heraldry, and the Canadian Space Agency, even though they may not realize it, are actively practicing the spirit of heraldry through their new "crest".

This patch commemorates Canada's first long duration Expedition onboard the International Space Station (ISS). Canadian Space Agency astronaut Dr. Robert Thirsk will live and work in the Station for six months. Robert is an admirer of Pacific Northwest Indigenous art, and is honoured that Bill Helin, a renowned Tsimshian artist has accepted to portray his mission through the use of several of its mythical figures.

For more details on the story and the symbolism in the "crest", visit the Canadian Space Agency's story by clicking on the above image.


David B. Appleton said...

Cool! Clearly a lot of thought went into the symbolism of this design (all explained in the CSA link).

The Bovens said...

Nice to see such traditional symbols used in such a modern context. A great mix of old and new!